The 10 Best Podcast Apps for iOS

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The 10 Best Podcast Apps for iOS

Podcasts are a fantastic source of entertainment and knowledge. Providing you with a radio show that’s specific to your needs and interests, they’ll keep you hooked while you’re on your daily commute, going for a leisurely walk, or working out at the gym.

iOS has its own stock Podcast app, but that only scratches the surface when it comes to functionality. We’ve rounded up ten of the best apps for getting the most out of your podcast listening time.

1. Overcast: Podcast Player (Free)
overcast.jpgIf you’ve only got room in your life for one podcast app, make it Overcast. The app is simple yet powerful. Besides making it easy to download new podcasts, it’s ideal for organizing custom playlists that offer smart filters, voice boost and speed adjustments. You can easily browse for new podcasts, while gaining recommendations from Twitter. It supports Apple Watch and CarPlay, too.

2. Pocket Casts ($3.99)
pocketcasts.jpgOffering a stylish interface, Pocket Casts backs that up with useful features. You can trim silences from episodes, saving you valuable seconds and minutes, adjust the playback speed, as well as boost voice volume over background noise. Extensive smart tools make it easy to sync and refresh your favorite podcasts, while always being kept in the know about new additions.

3. Downcast ($2.99)
downcast.jpgDowncast offers a smart layout for all your podcast needs. Besides the usual bevy of podcast features, there are options for supporting password-protected podcasts, and iCloud syncing meaning you can continue where you left off, no matter what device you’re using. Plus, there’s extensive support exists for Bluetooth devices, remote controls, gesture controls and other means to manipulate your favorite audio.

4. iCatcher! Podcast Player ($2.99)
icatcher.jpgiCatcher! is ideal for newer iPad owners in particular, thanks to its split screen support. It’s still a great tool for those with older iPads, too, thanks to its clean and easy to use interface. A plentiful supply of playback speed options are available, along with gesture support, AirPlay and extensive search options for finding your new favorite podcast.

5. Pod Wrangler (Free)
podwrangler.jpgPod Wrangler focuses on simplicity. Tell it what your favorite podcasts are, and it’ll do the rest, leaving you to just listen. With nearly instantaneous syncing support, along with Apple Watch Glance view, it’s a quick and easy way to listen. You can even opt to download just one episode of a series, instead of subscribing to the whole lot.

6. Stitcher Radio (Free)
stitcher.jpgAs the name suggests, Stitcher Radio works more like a radio broadcast app than typical podcasting tool. It’s useful, though. You can use it to listen to over 40,000 shows, comprising the best of NPR, CNN, Fox, BBC, ESPN and many more. Playlists can be created and you can easily find new shows via recommendations. It bridges the gap between radio and podcasts well.

7. TuneIn Radio (Free)
tunein.jpgAnother radio station/podcast crossover app, TuneIn Radio gives you the option of streaming real radio stations from around the world live, while also downloading your favorite podcasts. A premium subscription goes even further, offering audiobook downloads, commercial free music stations and play-by-play commentary for major sports.

8. Podbean (Free)
podbean.jpgPodbean keeps things stylishly green, making it easy to queue up your podcast subscriptions and instantly stream them, even when offline. It might not be as feature rich as some options here, but in terms of sheer simplicity and speed, it’s tough to argue with. Auto-delete options keep things even more streamlined.

9. RSSRadio ($3.99)
rssradio.jpgAiming to be efficient and kind on your battery life, RSSRadio also provides options for clearer audio, silence removal, and volume boosting. With that focus on a crisper and better quality listening experience. Options are available for different themes, password protection support, and seeking out new podcasts based on your current favorites and subscriptions.

10. SoundCloud (Free)
soundcloud_680.jpgMore focused on music than other options here, SoundCloud is ideal for finding new music you don’t already know about. Alongside that though, it’s also pretty good for arranging playlists and tracking your subscriptions to individual artists. Beyond music, there are a ton of podcasts hosted on Soundcloud, which you can subscribe to so you never miss an episode. For that reason alone, it’s a kind of music app with a podcast twist.

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