New York Will Give You $2000 for Buying an Electric Car

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New York Will Give You $2000 for Buying an Electric Car

Starting on April 1, the state of New York will be offering a new incentive program for electric cars and plug-in hybrids. The rebate will be up to $2000 for zero-emission electric cars or plug-in hybrids. According to officials, the goal is to reduce carbon emissions from cars, which is the biggest contributor to climate change in the state.

New York isn’t the only state to offer such a deal—nor is it the most substantial. Upwards of three quarters of states provide some kind of an incentive program for electric cars.

Interestingly, the biggest state tax cut you can get is in the state of Louisiana, where you can use a discount of up to $9500, depending on your choice of Tesla battery. The second highest is in Colorado, where you can get a $5000 tax credit.

If you’ve seen the documentary, Who Killed The Electric Car?, you know that our government hasn’t always been pushing drivers toward the fully-electric car. But for the past ten years or so, plug-in electric cars have been getting substantial tax credits that make them more affordable. Today, you can get up a $7500 federal tax cut on cars like the Chevy Volt or Tesla Model S.

Add in that $2000 and you’ve got a pretty killer deal on a new electric car.

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