Exploding E-Cig Batteries Are Catching People’s Pants on Fire

Tech News

You might be inclined to call someone a liar, liar if they told you that an e-cigarette had caught their pants on fire, but the phenomenon is happening surprisingly frequently.

Most recently a Kentucky man landed in a hospital after his e-cig exploded in his pocket, causing second-degree burns. The entire debacle was caught on the security camera of the Shell Gas Station where he purchased the electronic smoking device. As the man prepared to pay for his purchase, a flame blast burst from his pants. Sparks went flying, literally, and the man ran outside, attempting to hastily remove his pants right before the gas station attendant unleashed the contents of a fire extinguisher on the victim. He was driven to the Hamilton to Owensboro Health Regional Hospital by another gas station customer.

Two other incidents, both in Texas, saw two men suffering from serious burns after e-cig and vape batteries blew up in their pants. One of the men, also at a convenience store, had part of his jeans fused to his leg, while the other experienced first degree burns.

In a weird twist of fate, smoking the honest and old-fashioned way may have just become the safest way to smoke. Outside of, you know, not smoking.

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