5 Reasons Why Google’s OnHub is the Coolest Router Ever

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For all the great conveniences that smartphone technology has given us, there are still plenty of technology that we use every day that feels like it’s from a different era. Routers are one of those pieces of equipment that we all have to deal with that haven’t seen a significant update in quite some time.

Last week, Google introduced its new router to the world, the OnHub. Now why in the world would you want to buy a newfangled router from Google? After all, at $199 it is a bit spender than the average router.

Here are five reasons why you should be interested in the OnHub:

1. Easy to set up

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 4.49.50 PM.png

One of the biggest struggles with wireless routers comes when you first open the box or move into your house. I don’t know about you, but every time I need to unplug my router, there’s just no guarantee that it’s going to work again when I plug it in. OnHub is really easy to use, most notably because of the next point on this list.

2. Has an app that lets you manage it


The biggest thing OnHub does is pair up with your smartphone via the On Google app. This app is where you be able to do a number of really awesome things including walk you through the setup, prioritize and manage all of the devices that are connected, and handle any errors that might be popping up. Best of all you can do this all even when you’re away from home.

3. Looks nice and doesn’t have a bunch of blinking lights

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Nowadays it’s pretty easy to hide a lot of your technology, especially thanks to things like set top boxes and smartphones. Routers, however, are often the exception to that. Apple’s router is pretty nice looking, but others can really be unsightly. It’s especially bad if your router is in your bedroom and you’ve got flashing lights going at all times. The OnHub isn’t the most beautiful device in the world, but it’s pretty nondescript and modern—and best of all it gets rid of all of those terrible blinking lights.

4. Should actually improve your WiFi speed and reach

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OnHub is a modern wireless router that is made for connecting to modern devices, which means it should do better than your average router you buy from Best Buy. It has 13 antennas, arranged in a circular fashion to optimize signal and should give your internet connection a noticeable boost.

5. The future of Google’s smarthome

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Speaking of connecting to modern devices, I get the feeling that the main purpose of Google releasing the OnHub router isn’t just to increase network speeds. The device might only be a wireless router today, but thanks to supporting connections like Bluetooth, it has the future of being the central hub of Google’s smarthome devices, including products like those from Nest, a company that Google owns.