Google Just Filed a Patent for a Device You Inject into Your Eyeball

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If you thought Google Glass was weird, wait until you hear this. Google recently filed a patent for yet another odd piece of technology that we sort of hope doesn’t become a reality. The patent), which is reportedly dated April 28th, 2016 and was discovered by a legal tech firm called ClientSide, is for a device that corrects poor vision. Sounds like a great idea, right? Well, the device is a tiny, electronic lens that would be injected into a person’s eyeball to help with the focusing of light on the retina, therefore helping to correct poor vision.

Before the device can be injected, the natural lens in the eye has to be removed. The patent describes that the electronic lens must then be injected in fluid that will then solidify and group the device with the transparent membrane that surrounds the lens on the eye. Feeling sick yet?

It gets weirder.

The patent details a few specifications of the device, which will contain the following components: storage, radio, and lens. So how exactly does this device operate? According to the patent, a small, energy-harvesting antenna will power it wirelessly.

It’s not too surprising that Google would be interested in this type of technology, considering the designs of Google Glass and the Google Contact Lenses the company once proposed. Who knows, maybe one of these days we will, in fact, be looking through a piece of Google Glass.

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