How to Save an Article to Read Later on Your iPhone

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Here’s the situation: You’re reading an article on your phone, but don’t have time to finish it, what do you do?

Lucky for you, there are a few ways to save an articles to come back to it later. The options below will even let you download the article so you can still read it if you don’t have any cellular or wifi connection.

First, the easiest way is to use Apple’s “Reading List” feature. It is built into every iPhone so you don’t even have to download any new apps. You can even sync it to your Mac so you can add and read articles from there as well.

Follow these steps to do that:


1. Tap the “share button” at the bottom center of your screen

2. Tap “add to reading list.”

3. To read a saved article, tap on the “bookmarks” icon and then “reading list” tab.

4. To delete, just swipe left and hit “delete” on the article.

Secondly, there are a few options you have for apps that you can download if you have a lot of articles you want to save. There are two leading apps out in the market right now, Pocket and Instapaper. Users tend to lean towards one over the other but both are pretty good (and free!)—so try them both to see which you like better.

To use either of those apps, follow these steps:


1. Once you have the app download, tap the “share” button in Safari

2. Tap on the app you want to save the article to.

Now all you have to do is open up that app, either on your phone or your Mac, and you can enjoy it to read later.

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