Kickstarter Weekly: A Wearable Air Guitar, AI Butler for Everyone and More

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Kickstarter Weekly: A Wearable Air Guitar, AI Butler for Everyone and More

Another week means another selection of delights from the Kickstarter technology section. This week, we have some particularly fun projects, including a self-inflating paddle board, a wearable air guitar device and a sociable drone.

sup.jpgSipaBoards Air
Paddle boarding is awesome fun, but it can be clunky to carry the equipment that’s required for it. SipaBoards Air aims to eradicate that issue. It offers an integrated electric pump, meaning that’ll pump itself up in under 5 minutes. A removable and rechargeable battery ensures the hard work is taken out of your hands, proving faster and more efficient than hand pumping. With an easy-carry leash, as well as an easy-wrap board bag, it should fit into a small vehicle as well as your beach lifestyle. A pledge of $940 gains you one SipaBoards Air with an extra $150 providing you with a paddle. The campaign ends May 20.

Want to turn air guitar into reality? AirJamz is a wearable device you pair with your smartphone, and it’ll turn your moves into music. You simply place it round your wristband, and its accelerometer enables you to strum your ‘guitar’, listening to the results through your phone. The bundled app offers a sandbox facility, as well as some cool guitar imagery so you know what you’re achieving. It’s shaping up to be a fun wearable for the whole family. A pledge of $39 will snag you one AirJamz with $69 buying you two. The campaign runs until May 18.

SmartAll works as a form of AI butler or smart home hub. It offers a way in which to keep your home secure, as well as the means to keep it maintained and in order. Learning about your habits, it’ll detect your face and figure out just what you want from it, based on the time of day. In conjunction with other smart devices, that means it’ll brew your coffee on time, adjust the heating to your liking and turn off devices when you don’t need them. Voice and gesture recognition means you can always take over the helm too. A pledge of $149 will get you one of these, with the campaign ending May 13.

For a slightly more subdued form of home automation, ezcontrol enables you to control all your appliances and electrical devices from your smartphone. Whether it’s your desktop lamp, or your AC, ezcontrol enables you to dictate things from your phone. Timer controls and one touch setups are available through the app, with the device using infrared technology as well as RF receivers. With over 5000 preset devices available, as well as a learning feature for those not on the list, it should save you juggling multiple remotes. $59 will buy you one ezcontrol, with the campaign ending May 30.

Want a cool and sociable drone? Orbit might be just what you’re looking for. Promising to be the world’s first social sharing, autonomous drone, Orbit will follow you on demand. You simply mark which person to follow, and it does the rest. Then it’s just a matter of you dipping into the device’s app to edit the resulting video and create some spectacular results. Full HD video is available, along with plenty of filters and background music to make things more stylish. It’s ideal for sports enthusiasts who want to track their progress. A pledge of $469 gets you one standard edition, with the campaign ending May 20.

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