Kickstarter Weekly: Have a Smarter Lunch with Ember, A Better Workout with Vi and More

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Kickstarter Weekly: Have a Smarter Lunch with Ember, A Better Workout with Vi and More

Another week means a new bunch of exciting and tantalizing technology-based Kickstarter projects to peruse. We’ve rounded up five of the most interesting gadgets and devices that are currently seeking a pledge from you. From ways of encouraging your kids to pursue good habits, to a smart lunchbox, there’s something for everyone.

octopus.jpgTeaching kids good habits is tough work. You can’t keep an eye on them at all times, and there’s so much to remind them to do. Whether it’s brushing their teeth correctly, or reminding them to do their homework, there’s something that they need a gentle nudge about. That’s where Octopus comes in. Besides reminding them of such things, it’ll also make your child feel better as they’ll feel in control, rather than being nagged by you. Part watch, part assistant, the watch reminds your kid of when they need to do something, through some fun icons. It gives them responsibility, while alleviating the power struggle for you. A pledge of $89 gets you one watch, along with a companion that works as a charging station and nightlight. The campaign ends July 22.

doodlevu.pngMirrors haven’t changed much overall, but DoodleVU hopes to buck that trend. It’s more than just a regular mirror, allowing you to view everything from today’s weather report, your Twitter timeline, traffic updates or some motivational quotes. First thing in the morning, you can check if your hair looks good, while simultaneously reading the latest headlines, sports scores or stock quotes, all from the one mirror. A pledge of $199 gets you one DoodleVU, with the campaign ending July 22.

vi.jpgWe could all use someone to encourage us on our path to fitness. That’s why there’s a flourishing personal trainer industry. For those who want the experience, without the human interaction, there’s Vi. It’s an AI personal trainer that works through your earphones. It tracks your progress, offering a tailored plan that fits into what you can currently achieve. In between workouts, it’ll suggest some other ideas, and generally motivate you towards your goal. It’ll even give you a heads up on a change of plan if it starts raining, working just as well indoors. Pledge $199 for one set of earphones, with the campaign ending July 20.

nura.jpegIt’s all too easy to set up your headphones incorrectly, or simply end up with podcasts playing at different levels. How often have you found yourself turning up the volume for one thing, then suffering from a loud noise for another? Nura keeps track of such things, automatically tuning itself to your hearing profile in a matter of seconds, ensuring things sound exactly how they should. Comfortable to wear, and offering dual isolation, means the sound that comes through is even better. A pledge of $199 gets you one pair, and the campaign ends July 15.

ember.jpgPlanning what food to take into the office for lunch isn’t always easy. Who wants yet another dull microwave meal, or to be restricted to something cold? Ember is a smart lunchbox that enables you to enjoy your food at the correct temperature. It gently warms your food, preparing it on a schedule via its app, keeping things perfect for you come lunch time. It offers wireless charging, dishwasher safe cleaning, and a simple-to-use app. $139 will get you one of these, and the campaign ends July 1.

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