Never Get Up To Feed Your Pet Again with the Petnet SmartFeeder

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The Petnet SmartFeeder promises a world where users never have to manually feed their pet again. The device’s main draw is its ability to feed your furry friend on an automated schedule so that, no matter what, your pet gets the food they need. This is great for those who travel a lot or may live in an area where winter is especially harsh and a single storm could leave you unexpectedly stranded. It does come at a cost, though.

At $150, the SmartFeeder is not an impulse buy, and it doesn’t do much beyond its primary function to appeal to a wide market of consumers. It’s also intended to be used for a single pet, meaning that if you have more than one cat or dog, you have to buy additional feeders, which causes the price to balloon quickly. But, if you’re a single pet household and interested in smart home technology, the Petnet SmartFeeder does a fantastic job with its main objective: feeding your pet the right amount of food at the time you specify, no matter what. 

Editor’s note: Petnet recently introduced a ramp that can be added to the SmartFeeder to help alleviate the clogging issue many users, us included, have experienced. We’ll be testing it in the coming weeks and will update this article once we have a sense of how, and if, it works. 

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