Snapchat Introduces Memories Feature, Letting You Save Your Snaps Forever

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Snapchat is no longer the social media platform known for users sending fleeting, 10-second photos to each other. Yesterday, Snapchat introduced a new update that allows users to save their snaps and stories inside Snapchat using a feature called Memories.

Memories lets users create new stories from past snaps and combine multiple stories and snaps to create a longer story. Snaps can be sent and edited from Memories to friends or posted to a user’s story. People will also be able to upload photos from their camera rolls into Memories.

The feature has a “My Eyes Only” tab that lets users select who can see a story. The photos in their “My Eyes Only” tab are password protected. Memories also lets users find their saved snaps by searching keywords, such as “dog.” The feature is accessed by swiping up on the camera screen.

Memories will be available to all users worldwide over the next month. Yesterday, it was made available to users in California. Users will be notified once they can access Memories via a snap from Team Snapchat.

This is one of many updates that Snapchat has added to become a more popular default photo sharing and camera app, taking on competitors like Instagram and Facebook. Previous updates have included geo-filters, chats and a discover page.

Watch the preview video for Memories below.

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