5 Reasons to Check Out Soundcloud’s New Radio Feature

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5 Reasons to Check Out Soundcloud’s New Radio Feature

If you’ve been debating which streaming service is the best, Soundcloud just became the latest service to offer a radio option, making it move higher up in your ranks. Their new feature, “Stations” was recently added to their mobile app to allow users to create a radio station using any track on their platform.

Pretty much every streaming service offers a radio creation service, but Soundcloud is offering a few features that we’re excited about.

1. Easy access

Soundcloud makes it super easy to access the Station feature. All you have to do is click the menu on any song and hit “start track station” to start a new station based off that particular song.

2. It’s aesthetically pleasing

Out of all the radio station options out there, Soundcloud’s new Station has a really great design. It’s simple, well organized and makes for an overall great listening experience.

3. Organized Stations

What’s great about the app is that you can easily find your previously created stations. The stations are organized in a “Collections” folder in the app, which makes is so much easier to keep a history of your stations and backtrack to any songs you want to reference.


4. Related tracks

If you’ve used the desktop version of Soundcloud, you recognize they have a similar feature where you get a series of related tracks instantly after your selected track finishes. This related tracks feature was not previously available on Android and iOS—think of Stations as a better version of their discovery tool.

5. Endless streaming

According to Soundcloud, the Stations feature will allow users to endlessly stream new music. Since Soundcloud features many unsigned and unrecognized artists in their music library, they will promote more unknown talent through the Stations feature. This will become a cool way to discover many artists you’ve never heard, but would probably enjoy based on your selected tracks.

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