Tesla to Install Full Self-Driving Hardware on All Cars

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All Tesla Motors vehicles in production, including the Model 3, will now be equipped with full self-driving hardware, the company announced Wednesday.

The California automaker said that full autonomy will enable its cars to “be substantially safer than a human driver,” while lowering the financial cost for car owners, as well as providing affordable on-demand transportation for non-owners. Tesla vehicles will have Level 5 autonomy, meaning they can function in all conditions and weather.

Eight surround cameras will provide 360-degree visibility around the autonomous vehicles at up to 250 meters of range. An update to the previous system includes 12 ultrasonic sensors, allowing for detection of both hard and soft objects at a greater distance than the previous models. A forward-facing radar, capable of seeing through heavy rain, fog and dust, will gather additional data regarding the Tesla’s surroundings.

Many consumers have been turned off from potentially buying self-driving cars due to several auto-pilot related accidents, including a fatal crash in May. However, Tesla CEO Elon Musk assures wary customers that the new system is capable of viewing surroundings “on wavelengths that go far beyond the human senses.”

Whether or not you’re ready to cede driving control to a computer, you can view a video of the new self-driving system navigating a “complex urban environment” here, via Tesla’s blog.

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