Twitter Suspends God for Pro-LGBT tweet

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Twitter Suspends God for Pro-LGBT tweet

Eat your heart out Nietzsche, because God isn’t dead—he’s just been banned from Twitter.

A Yahweh impersonation account, @TheTweetOfGod, was suspended from the social media site on Tuesday following a viral tweet that pushed back against the claim that “gay people were a mistake.”

After an appeal made by the user who runs the “God” account, Twitter apologized and said that the support team had “made an error.” God responded to the rescinded ban on (where else?) Twitter: “You messed with the wrong Near Eastern Bronze Age sky-father-king projection. By the time I’m done with you, MYSPACE will laugh at your relevance.”

“God” is a popular joke account with almost six million followers. The account frequently ridicules conservative beliefs and figures from a left-leaning angle.

This incident is just the latest in a long line of Twitter’s blunders when it comes to moderating LGBT content on its platform. In 2017, Twitter accidentally censored hashtags like #gay and #bisexual because it considered the terms “sensitive.” That same year popular queer academic slash twitter personality Anthony Oliveira (@meakoopa) was suspended for naming-and-shaming a straight couple for, according to him, “mocking the Pulse massacre” (his account was later restored). Last year, Trans women who speak out against “TERFs,” trans-exclusionary radical feminists, were hit by a wave of suspensions after Twitter reportedly categorized the term a slur.

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