Twitter Will Now Target You with Ads Based on Your Emoji Use

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Emojis can enable you to do incredible things, including order room service from your hotel and become more like Kim Kardashian. Now, advertisers on Twitter will target users based on their commonly used emojis, including emojis in liked tweets and retweets. The feature, announced on Wednesday in a blog post, will begin on what is apparently World Emoji Day: July 17. Advertisers can access this function earlier through Twitter’s official partners AdParlor, Amobee, HYFN, Perion, SocialCode and 4C.

According to Twitter, 110 billion emojis have been used on the social network since 2014 and emojis can indicate a person’s mood or mindset. Twitter emojis will be used to “connect with people based on their expressed sentiment, target people who Tweet food emojis [and] reach people based on their passions.”

So, if you send a lot of crying face emojis, keep an eye out for Kleenex ads in your future.

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