Say Farewell to Vine With the 25 Best Vines of All Time

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Say Farewell to Vine With the 25 Best Vines of All Time

On Thursday, Twitter announced that it would be closing down Vine, a much-loved social media site that allowed users to upload six-second videos. We’ve already counted down the five reasons why Vine is being shut down, lack of funny content was never one of them. Given their short, snappy nature, there was all sorts of funny, creative videos being made and shared across the Internet.

Over on Twitter, the hashtag #RIPVINE is making the rounds, sharing everyone’s favorite from the past couple of years. Farewell, Vine. You were loved by so many.

Here are the 25 Vines that we never want to forget:

25. Hater Blockers

This kid got everyone wearing hater blockers.
By Brandon Bowen

24. Caught

We’ll miss Josh Peck’s vines. Watch this one here.
By Josh Peck

23. Doughnut Time

This guy made up a song about the way we all feel inside.
By Jared Stradling

22. Wedding time

This father son duo stole our hearts on Vine. Watch it here.
By David Lopez

21. Narrating people’s lives

There’s nothing like a Vine that incorporates unsuspecting strangers.
By Thomas Sanders

20. Poor Jay

We hope that kid’s doing okay.
By Chase Broeckelmann

19. The Circle of Life

True story: this is how we all hold puppies. Watch it here.
By Jerry Purpdrank

18. Eyebrows on fleek

When the term ‘on fleek’ was coined.
By Peaches Monroee

17. #ButThatBackFlipTho

But really, that backflip was sweet.
By KingBach

16. Trash

Basically any Vine by Zach King left us mesmerized by his illusions.
By Zach King

15. Flying kid

This kid learned a lesson the hard way.
By Kierra Santillan

14. Maple

The one dog band that became famous on Vine.
By Trench

13. What are those?

The officer never answered the question.
By A-RODney King

12. Do it for the vine.

After this video we all started “doing it for the Vine.”
By Dom

11. “Would you not eat my pants?”

This goat had enough of the interview.
By Mark Bissell

10. YAAS Cat

This cat knows what it wants.
By Blake Welch

9. Stadium kid

This kid made the most of his six seconds of fame.
By Rayven Tirado

8. The Party Llama

There will never be a llama as rad as this one.
By Kirill Beerlove

7. Look at all those chickens

That is a lot of chicken.
By lookatallthosechickens

6. Crazy woman at Apple store

This woman went off on a hilarious rant about Apple Care.
By Porscha Coleman

5. Dog dancing

This dog dancing to “Africa” by Toto is still the best dog vine ever.
By OverL00k

4. Who is she?

This vine brought joy to so many people.
By Chloe lmao

3. Duck army

Vine may die, but this sound will never leave us.
By Charlie Murphy

2. Damn Daniel

We will never forget the day Daniel took over the Internet.
By josholzz

1. Why you always lying

This catchy song will still be in our heads long after Vine’s death.
By Nick Fraser

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