Hamilton Breaks Another Broadway Record, Grosses Most Money Ever in a Single Week

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The #BoycottHamilton movement doesn’t seem to be working. In fact, the show just broke another Broadway record, earning more in a single week than any other show ever has. The musical reentered the national conversation following a controversial visit from vice president-elect Mike Pence, which led to a tweet storm from our next commander-in-chief.

Hamilton grossed $3.3 million last week, an exceptionally strong number considering that most shows are lucky to break $1 million in a week. The show is also the first to pull in more than $3 million for an eight-performance week. Wicked earned $3.2 million for a nine-performance week, which is one above the usual number.

The show also set a record for the highest premium ever charged by a Broadway box office at a whopping $998. The previous record was substantially less at $700 for Barry Manilow on Broadway in 2013.

The show’s $303 average ticket price, which is also a Broadway record, suggests that a number of seats were sold at a premium price, and doesn’t even account for resales, which could raise the price even further. Hamilton is now poised to be 2016’s highest-grossing show over The Lion King, which has held the title for much of its lengthy Broadway run.

Last week was an especially good for Broadway as a whole, with four shows—Hamilton, Aladdin, Wicked and The Lion King—grossing more than $2 million, in large part thanks to the holiday. Most of Hamilton’s original cast has departed, but that doesn’t seem to be hurting ticket sales. If only Mike Pence could drop by more often.

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