Hamlet’s Castle Is Coming to Airbnb

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Ever wanted to live like royalty for a night? Usually, it takes tens of thousands of dollars or a relation to nobility to spend the night in a real life Renaissance castle — living like a king (or queen) isn’t cheap after all.

However, on April 23, at least one lucky individual will be able to stay in one of the world’s most famous castles — all for the price of $10. Kronborg Castle, the Danish palace famous for its role as the setting of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, is making one of its lavish bedrooms available for rental on Airbnb.

This rare opportunity seems to be in honor of Shakespeare himself, as April 23 will mark the 400th anniversary of the playwright’s death. In a style that would likely make the Bard proud, anyone interested in renting out the castle is required to send in a persuasive essay to be judged by the property’s host — a man referred to only as “Hamlet” in the listing — by April 13. The person with the most convincing essay will seemingly be admitted for the host’s generously inexpensive fee.

So what does a night in Hamlet’s castle actually include? Well in addition to “fantastic views of the castle moat” and a bedroom “fully equipped fit for kings and queens,” the night will also include a seven-course Renaissance dinner featuring entertainment by the Royal Danish Ballet. That being said, the host does warn that, “The ghost of my father may or may not walk the ramparts at night.”

Better get working on those essays, everybody.

Dillon Thompson is a travel intern with Paste and a student at the University of Georgia.

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