Apple Will Map Your Parked Car

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Have you ever walked around an entire parking lot looking for your car? Of course, it is the
hottest day of the year and you specifically parked your car in a spot you would remember. Forgetful parkers, rejoice — an upcoming feature in the Apple Maps app might be able to solve this problem.

Whenever a user ends a trip that isn’t at their house, Apple Maps will drop a parked car locator automatically.

The user’s car will be represented by a parked car icon on the map. Users can change the
location of the pin, determine how far away they are from their car and even find the fastest way to their vehicle.

Apple also stated that both Siri and the Apple Maps app will be opened to third-party developers at the company’s Worldwide Developer Conference. You may also be able to book a reservation at a restaurant and order a Lyft or Uber directly in Apple Maps as early as this fall. Siri can even take care of doing all of that for you.

Another update on Apple Maps will allow the app to intelligently provide directions to the
destination you’re most likely en route to by recognizing appointments in your calendar. This way, if you are going to see a movie at a theater in a new town, Apple Maps can suggest the best way from your hotel.

Apple Maps is about to make parking in a crowded lot a little more relaxing.

Lauren Spiler is a freelance journalist based in Athens, Georgia, but most call her Spiler.

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