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Paste Travel continues to celebrate our favorite season—Road Trip season—with a biweekly photo contest.

Summer is here, and with it people across the globe are stuffing cars, loading bikes, packing biodiesel rigs, jamming rickshaws and stacking gear atop anything else that will get them from here to there. While on these epic, life-changing journeys, travel junkies like you are already snapping photos like Ansel Adams on steroids.

We’d like to share your best shots on our site, which speaks to some of the most sophisticated travel aficionados out there. The contests are every two weeks. Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. Contestants can submit as often as they like.

The next contest winners will be posted on July 14.

Contest guidelines
-All submissions must be original photos submitted through social media.
-Submit your photos via Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #PasteRoadTrip.
-For photos to be eligible, follow @PasteTravel on the social media platform through which you are submitting.
-Tagging your photos with #PasteRoadTrip grants Paste Travel the right to repost them, both on the site and our social media accounts.
-Captions must include the location and date the photo was taken.
-Getting your photo reposted on Instagram or retweeted does not necessarily mean you have won the contest.
-If we choose your photo, be available and open to additional questions.

Good luck, and get out there and start recording magic.

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