Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Is the Name of Disney’s Star Wars Theme Park Area

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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Is the Name of Disney’s Star Wars Theme Park Area

Disney announced the official name of its upcoming Star Wars theme park areas at the D23 Expo in Anaheim today, and it’s nothing as prosaic as Star Wars Land. Every wannabe Jedi and Sith should be all hepped up for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, opening at Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios in 2019.

As we predicted earlier this week, D23 has been heavy on the George Lucas this time. (Well, not so much with Lucas himself, who seems to barely exist anymore, as far as Disney is concerned.) On Thursday night it was revealed that the expo’s show floor featured a large model of the Star Wars area, offering the best look yet at what we can expect when it opens. And then, at today’s Disney Parks and Resorts presentation, they revealed both the Galaxy’s Edge name (a day after canny internet users discovered the name on a Disney website) and a Star Wars-themed hotel, which will make it feel like you’re in space and which will also offer some kind of storyline for each guest. If you couldn’t already tell, Disney is ALL IN on this Star Wars stuff.

It was previously announced that the newly-named Galaxy’s Edge would be set on a new planet in the Star Wars canon, and would strive to fully immerse visitors in the world that George Lucas first introduced us to forty years ago. Both the California and Florida versions will feature two rides, one which puts guests in control of the Millennium Falcon, and another which drops them into a battle between the Resistance and the fascist bad guys from the new trilogy of films. Expect all kinds of Star Wars-related food and shopping options, to boot.

Paste will have more about Disney’s D23 announcements this weekend. Meanwhile Disney posted a short video tour of the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge scale model on YouTube, and you can check that out below.

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