5 Reasons Angie Tribeca‘s Season Two is a Must-Watch

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5 Reasons Angie Tribeca‘s Season Two is a Must-Watch

Angie Tribeca begins its second season Monday, June 6. You may recall that its first season aired on TBS, originally, in one big marathon, before airing in a regular fashion on Monday nights after that. The first season of the new show was delightful, and incredibly funny. If you watched the first season, you probably don’t need any cajoling to convince you to tune in for the second season. However, in case you are on the fence, or aren’t up to date on Angie Tribeca, then here are five reasons to give it a chance.

1. Rashida Jones is the absolute best
Jones stars as the titular Angie Tribeca, a police offer in the LAPD’s Really Heinous Crimes Unit. Jones has had a strong, eclectic career, providing strong support in sitcoms and, occasionally, in movies, and she’s dabbled in screenwriting as well. Angie Tribeca gives her a much-deserved chance to star on her own show, and she’s grabbed the opportunity with gusto. She has such a unique comedic voice, and it would be so easy for it to go awry, but she’s perfect. Jones is the modern day Leslie Nielsen, a blend of tremendous deadpan comedy and raw sex appeal. Yep, just like Leslie Nielsen.

2. It’s the foremost place to get wonderfully stupid jokes on TV right now
There are a lot of funny shows on TV, but few, if any, are funny in the way that Angie Tribeca is. It’s so tremendously goofy and dumb, but in a wonderful way that miraculously works. It’s basically Police Squad!, the show that spawned the Naked Gun movies—and that’s a major compliment. The jokes fly rapidly, and you get bombarded with stupid wordplay, ridiculous sight gags and all sorts of over-the-top silliness… and it’s all hilarious. On per joke terms, Angie Tribeca may be the best show on TV.

3. Great cameos
Assuming the second season will follow in the steps of the first season, you can expect a bevy of excellent guest performers. Bill Murray showed up in Season One. As in, BILL MURRAY! The first season also included the likes of Lisa Kudrow, James Franco and Adam Scott. Who will cameo in the second season? If they can get Bill Murray, nothing is off the table.

4. There’s a dog
His name is David Hoffman. Everybody treats him like he’s just another police officer. He drives a car. His partner is named DJ Tanner. What more do you need to know?

5. There’s an exciting cliffhanger to be resolved
The first season ended with Angie’s partner, in crime fighting and in love, Jay Geils, strapped to a bomb with a ticking clock, and Angie was trying to defuse it. Will Angie save the day? Or will they all get blown up? Is the entire second season taking place in the afterlife? Do they blow up and then go right back to normal, a la Wile E. Coyote? With Angie Tribeca, anything is possible. That’s part of what makes it so good, and that’s why you really need to tune in to Season Two. (Try and watch the first season, too. No, you don’t really need to, because continuity and elaborate storytelling is not what this show does, but you will miss out on a bunch of great comedy if you skip it.)

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