Amazon’s Z: The Beginning of Everything Renewed for Season Two

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Amazon’s Z: The Beginning of Everything Renewed for Season Two

In a somewhat surprising move, Amazon has renewed Z: The Beginning of Everything for a second season. The show’s first season received lukewarm reviews and seemed closed to cancellation.

Z wasn’t a terrible show—some elements were fantastic. Ricci’s notable performance as the creative and passionate Zelda Fitzgerald was spot-on, and the music and costumes made for a fun and ritzy time. The first season followed the early years of Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s intense and volatile marriage, and their ascension into fame. Most critics, including our own Amy Glynn, bemoaned David Hoflin’s performance as Scott Fitzgerald for being dull, forced and lacking in chemistry. As the first season wrapped up, even Ricci’s undeniable talent appeared unable to save the lackluster show from itself.

However, Amazon seems to have had a change of heart. While the streaming service told THR the renewal is the result of “a good pitch for season two,” many wonder if it has anything to do with a recent Vox study that claimed the service repeatedly favored male-led shows over women-led shows. After Amazon quickly canceled Good Girls Revolt (which, by the way, had higher ratings than Z), the service was criticized for displaying a sexist preference in which shows to renew. However, Amazon is doubling down on their stance that the renewal for Z had nothing to do with either of the aforementioned events, and dismisses other theories as “speculation.”

You can read Paste’s review of the first season of Z here, and don’t miss our interview with Ricci.

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