Today’s Signs That We Are a Stupid People: Garth Brooks and Corona Beer

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Today’s Signs That We Are a Stupid People: Garth Brooks and Corona Beer

Sometimes, there are stories that are so gobsmacking in the way they reveal our collective stupidity that you just want to burrow your head into the cold hard ground. Sometimes, two of these stories come out on the same day. Today is such a day.

Let’s start in the realm of country music, where Garth Brooks, while performing at a concert in Detroit, wore a Barry Sanders jersey. Note the word “Barry” in that previous sentence, which denotes the fact that the Sanders in question is the legendary Detroit Lions running back, and not the democratic-socialist currently running for president. Did Garth’s conservative fans understand this? My friends, they did not. Watch them freak out on social media because they think the iconic country music star supported Bernie:

Some people tried to explain what was happening, but the pitchfork mob was having none of it:

The Detroit-Free Press was even compelled to write an article on it But the real fun is reading the viral Facebook post.

Honestly, the person I feel worse for in this whole thing is Barry Sanders, who is truly one of the greatest football players to ever live, and who has apparently been forgotten. At least we got a very funny meme out of it:

The second story in the “we’re all very dumb” cycle is perhaps even more depressing. This one can be summed up in a tweet:

I just…I just don’t know what to say.

As a small form of protest, I’m going to buy a six-pack of Corona and watch old Barry Sanders highlights. We’re doomed.

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