Ash vs. Evil Dead‘s Bruce Campbell Fighting for Emmy with Groovy Campaign

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Bruce Campbell of the Starz series Ash vs. Evil Dead, the television sequel to the cult classic ‘80s comedy-horror trilogy, is gunning for an Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series nomination as Emmy season approaches. But, in typical Bruce Campbell fashion, nothing about his campaign is typical at all—just look at the taglines Campbell and Starz have come up with to promote his nomination: “Vote for Bruce Campbell, he doesn’t suck,” “Vote for Bruce Campbell, because I fucking said so” and, perhaps most compelling of all, “Vote for Bruce Campbell, I have a chainsaw hand.”

All valid reasons for Campbell to land the nomination, on top of his impressive portrayal of the guilt-riddled, chainsaw-wielding, womanizing Ash Williams, who manages to effortlessly elicit both laughs and shrieks as he deals with the consequences of (once again) releasing the demonic plague from the Book of the Dead in the small-screen reincarnation of Sam Raimi’s gory, fan-favorite Evil Dead franchise. With the inaugural season of the show having wrapped early this year to critical fanfare and acclaim from viewers (including ourselves), Starz has already renewed it for a sophomore run.

If you’re a fan of the show and live in the Hollywood area, you’ll see Campbell’s familiar face touting “Ash4Emmy,” wielding his chainsaw and trademark eyebrow-raise, on promotional billboards all around the city, promising to “make the Emmys groovy again” if he earns the nomination. If for no other reason, perhaps fans should give him their votes just to see what stunts he pulls after the nomination to secure an actual victory.

Though the comedy series might have some die-hard fans, thanks to the hype surrounding its roots in a cult-classic horror movie, Campbell is still an underdog, especially compared to past winners who hail from more mainstream commercial networks or more established shows, like The Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men and 30 Rock. But Campbell’s acting chops are undeniable, and he’s been a staple on our big and small screens for more than three decades, including credits on Burn Notice, Fargo and The X-Files—the first season of Ash vs. Evil Dead has been met with nearly universal praise, particularly for Campbell’s performance.

Cast your vote starting June 13 on the Emmys website, and check out Campbell’s hilarious campaign videos below.

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