Watch Aaron Paul React to Infamous Squat Cobbler Video from Better Call Saul

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Watch Aaron Paul React to Infamous Squat Cobbler Video from Better Call Saul

We all know what squat cobbler is, right? If you don’t, you clearly aren’t up on your fictional (?) fetishes. If you watched season two of Better Call Saul, you may recall that squat cobbler is a very particular kind of fetish that Jimmy invents to get one of his clients out of hot water. As Jimmy explains, squat cobbler is a particularly titillating fetish that involves sitting in a pie.

Now, thanks to the release of the show’s second season on Blu-Ray and DVD, viewers get to check out the squat cobbler video firsthand. AMC has also shared Aaron Paul’s reaction to the video, as he talks the whole thing over with co-creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould. There’s no telling whether Paul’s character will appear on Better Call Saul in the future, but this video may be enough to tide us over.

Better Call Saul’s second season Blu-Ray and DVD sets also include cast and crew commentaries, a table read of the episode “Switch,” and a pair of featurettes focused on the show’s score and a single shot from the episode “Fifi.”

There is even more Blu-Ray exclusive content, including additional featurettes that break down Jimmy and Kim’s complicated relationship, and the deconstruction of a fight scene between Mike and a pair of home invaders. Of course, the real prize here is the full squat cobbler video, as Paul proves. Check out his reaction above, or watch Jimmy explain exactly what it is in a scene from the show’s second episode below.

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