Here’s Your First Look at Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor Who Costume

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Here’s Your First Look at Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor Who Costume

Whenever a new lead performer is announced for the legendary sci-fi show Doctor Who, the next most important information for fans is what the heck they look like. The Doctor always has a distinct and often eccentric look in each incarnation, and courtesy of the BBC, we finally have a look at new Doctor Jodie Whittaker’s costume.

Doctor Who_S11_Costume Reveal.jpg

The look for the first female Doctor does not disappoint. The costume is a bit more colorful, more so than modern Doctors and subtly hearkening back to classic Doctors like Colin Baker’s rainbow aesthetic. Still, it’s minimalist, not unlike Peter Capaldi’s digs, and suspenders are present, as they were with Matt Smith. Like David Tennant, Whittaker sports a long overcoat.

In the background, we get a peek at the slightly updated TARDIS exterior. Gone is the St. John Ambulance logo that was present during the First Doctor’s (William Hartnell) tenure, returning for Smith’s run onwards. The blue is also a little darker and the “Pull to Open” sign is black as it was in a few classic seasons, as opposed to white.

Whittaker will inherit the role from Peter Capaldi once he bows out in this year’s Christmas special. Doctor Who season (or series, for you Brits) 11 will premiere in fall 2018, and will feature three new companions alongside the lead actress.

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