Episodes: “Episode Five” (Episode 2.05)

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Episodes: “Episode Five” (Episode 2.05)

Labia has returned. Matt’s young—and mighty good-looking—stalker has friended Sean on Facebook and is using his status updates to stalk the former Friends star.

Yes: her name is Labia. Not Luh-bee-ya or Lab-ya. It’s pronounced the way you think it is. It turns out she’s been stalking him since she was eight after being part of the Make a Wish Foundation. The only problem? She didn’t die. Oh, and she became obsessed with him. I guess Matt needs to stop being so nice to pretty ladies, if you’re picking up what I’m putting down. But as the character says, she was cute once her hair grew back.

She’s been mentioned throughout the second season, but her time on screen in this episode wasn’t nearly enough. The stalker aspect of Matt’s life is something I really want to see get more in-depth exploration. Matt’s life is already a three-ring circus act, but Labia will just push the show further and further until everything finally explodes.

Meanwhile, Carol is upset Merc doesn’t remember that it’s been five years since their affair started. It was half a decade ago at an award ceremony. Their eyes met through a crowded room, and it was magical. Wait, no it wasn’t. She was smoking a joint and he wanted a hit. Then when his limo didn’t show up he asked, “Can I come in yours?”

And the sexual innuendos started flying.

In present day, she’s determined to get Merc to go away on a romantic weekend. Luckily making an excuse up isn’t hard for Merc considering his blind, golf-playing wife is also cheating on him and wants a weekend to herself as well. The only problem is both Merc and Jamie use the same travel agent to book secret weekends away.

It’s refreshing to see this tried and true plot used when neither Merc or Jamie realize the other is just as guilty of cheating. Merc’s angry rant at the travel agent is absurdly funny, making it one of highlights of the episode. Morning’s entire subplot, on the other hand, seemed to be thrown in just to give the character more screen time. I much rather have seen more Labia, but perhaps Morning’s…problem…will be further explored in episodes to come.

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