Fourteen Golden-Age All That Cast Members and What They’re up to Now

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If you were under the age of fourteen at any point between the years 1994 and 2000—or, regardless of age, if you watched Nickelodeon at all during that time—you likely have a soft spot in your heart for All That, the mostly-kids sketch comedy show that was the centerpiece of the network’s Saturday night SNICK programming block.

It was kind of a Saturday Night Live for tweens, or whatever awkward adolescents were called in the ’90s; looking back, the sketches often seem only a few degrees removed from an end-of-summer community theatre camp revue, but for the most part, the super-young cast were genuinely funny in a way that kids on TV usually aren’t. The cast often played grown-ups in the sketches but none of them seemed too eager to actually be adults, which is perhaps even more rare; it was spazzy and silly and goofy and dorky, and the only thing that outnumbered the non sequiturs were the flannel shirts.

(The show was canceled in 2000 but returned in 2002. Its second incarnation—which starred, among others, Britney Spears’ younger sister Jamie Lynn—somehow lasted four seasons and is generally of no consequence to fans of the Golden Age.)

Like SNL, too, All That became an incubator of sorts for its cast’s future showbiz endeavors. The actress Amanda Bynes, who ostensibly retired last week, owes her brief career to the show, as does current SNL cast member Kenan Thompson. But there are more than a few other All That alumni who, while well-loved during their run on the show, seem to have slid into obscurity after their days on Nickelodeon. Some are still acting, some are working on their music careers, more than one is the subject of bizarre online death rumors—and we’ve rounded up some of their best moments from the show along with their current whereabouts.

Angelique Bates (1994-1996)
Then: Was one half of “Cooking with Randy & Mandy.”

Now: Seems to be concentrating on her hip-hop career (she performs as Alizay) but she’s also acted a little, including in the slasher flick Sisters, co-starring her All That castmates Katrina Johnson and Alisa Reyes.

Katrina Johnson (1994-1997)
Then: Played an adorable shyster in the “Lemonade Scammer” sketches.

Now: According to her IMDb profile, became a flight attendant shortly after leaving All That and has since retired from acting to live in Las Vegas with her boyfriend. But the same page says she appeared in the likely-rightfully-obscure 2009 flick She’s a Fox, and then there’s Sisters, so maybe she just wishes she retired?

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