Galavant: “Battle of the Three Armies”/“The One True King”

(Episode 2.09 and 2.10)

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Galavant: “Battle of the Three Armies”/“The One True King”

My expectations for Galavant are now at the same level for Family Guy. I expect deconstructed archetypes to make me laugh. I await parody songs for a hearty chuckle. I look forward to 4th wall-breaking jokes for a good giggle. So basically, I expect great comedy. But this season, Galavant has completely exceeded my expectations. On top of laughing to my heart’s content, I feel anticipation. I get goosebumps. My heart pounds in my chest at all the various love stories.

When Isabella, leading an army geared with pots and pans, gives her wartime speech on horseback, she inspires her citizens to rise up. I went from slouching on my couch to sitting straight. Galavant almost doesn’t show up on time with the zombie army, which means I was eating my popcorn with my jaw open. However, when Galavant reunited with Isabella and Richard with Gareth on the battlefield, I stopped eating altogether. Then, Madalena, using her D’DEW evil magic, turned the zombie army against Galavant, betraying Gareth. Gareth returns to the good side, and turns his back on Madalena, which made my heart melt. Yes, Galavant even had me feeling complex emotions of resentment and compassion for Madalena. The episode ends with Gal singing about how they will surely die, and for a moment, I thought our heroes might. Then Gareth points out that we all know that’s not actually going to happen, because it’s not Game of Thrones.

The season finale, “The One True King,” commences, and all seems lost, when Sid appears with every guest ensemble from the entire episode. As I looked around for Kylie Minogue, Sid points out that they “couldn’t afford anyone recognizable.” But Sid’s army isn’t enough, as the zombie army overtakes them. Richard, yielding Excalibur, challenges Wormwood to a stand-off, and is informed he is the one true king to unite them all. Wormwood knocks the sword out of his hand, insults Tad Cooper by saying he is not a dragon, and seemingly kills the lizard. With that, Richard fearlessly attacks Wormwood, going all Inigo Montoya on him, repeating, “You killed my dragon!” Richard breaks the D’DEW wand, dissipating Wormwood’s power, and slaying Wormwood.

The zombies stop attacking the living, and the battle is at an end. Gareth goes to Madalena, saying “I promise we can spend the rest of our lives together being terrible, even if we’re not as totally terrible as you want.” While she loves him, she has had a taste for evil power, and now, there is no turning back. If Richard is to be King Arthur, then it seems Madalena is becoming Morgan le Fay.

On a happier note, Isabella has a mediocre, true love kiss with Galavant. Richard rescues Roberta from Spinster Island, and the season concludes with weddings and happy endings galore. In an ensemble song, the cast promises that if they get renewed for another season, they won’t disappoint. Showing us a tidbit for (hopefully!) season three, we see Gareth is going on a quest to rescue Madalena from herself, while Tad Cooper, roaring in the distance, has gone full-on Drogon (I guess this is kind of like Game of Thrones). Keeping with the fairy tale vein, I’m using one of my three wishes for a season three.

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