Bran Stark is Returning to Game of Thrones This Weekend!

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That’s been the question on the lips of many Game of Thrones fans for over a year now. We last saw him in season four, when he survived his journey north of the wall with Rickon and Hodor, finally reaching the Three-Eyed Raven, who tells him that although he’ll never walk again, he will fly. It was radio silence throughout season five last year, with the only real Bran news coming when Theon revealed to Sansa that her brother was still alive—big news for Sansa, of course, but old news to us.

But the long wait is about to be over! Bran has not been abandoned by the writers, and will make his first appearance in almost two years this Sunday, in the second episode of season six. The actor who plays the oldest surviving male Stark, Isaac Hempstead-Wright, spoke with The Hollywood Reporter and gave some hints as to what we can expect from the long=lost character this year.

“He’s still hanging out in that tree cave,” the actor tells The Hollywood Reporter. “At the end of season four, Bran reached this cave where destiny had been calling him for the whole series, and now he’s finally made it. It’s a little bit like, ‘Wow … what am I going to do now?’”


“Bran basically spent [season five] training up,” says Hempstead Wright. “The Three-Eyed Raven said to him, ‘Look, you’ve had these powers, and you’ve had glimpses of what they are. Now I’m going to show you what you can really do.’”

“He’s by no means a master yet, and he still has a bit to learn — a lot of responsibility to learn — but he can do some very cool things,” Hempstead Wright teases. “He’s on his way up there.”

Also returning is Max Von Sydow as the Three-Eyed Raven, and Kristian Nairn as Hodor. It seems like Bran will spend most of the season improving his ability at warging (entering the mind of another animal to control its actions) and greensight (seeing into the past and future, and even interacting with people from different eras). Check out THR for more details.

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