Game of Thrones May Have Added a Singer to its Cast for a Pivotal Role

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Game of Thrones didn’t do flashbacks—that was the rule on the show for a long time. There was a ton of history ripe for exploration, but the show had to be more interested in its present than its past. Recently, beginning in the season 5 premiere, the show began to change that tune, integrating flashbacks and visions of the past into its story, and it looks like it may not be done.

As originally pointed out by Uproxx, “I See Stars” singer Devin Oliver recently posted the following cryptic message on Instagram: “I may or may not have appeared in Game of Thrones season 7.” Of course, Game of Thrones has cast musicians from Coldplay, Snow Patrol, Mastodon and others in minor roles before. Oliver is a special case, though, because he bears a striking resemblance to members of a certain white-haired, dragon-loving family.

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Haven’t taken a selfie of the long ass blonde locks in a while // ????????

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Oliver’s blonde hair makes him a perfect fit for the Targaryen family. Specifically, the singer may be playing Rhaegar Targaryen, Daenerys’ older brother and the man who was recently revealed to be Jon Snow’s father. Rhaegar’s relationship with Lyanna is the event that kickstarted the events of the entire show, and now it looks as though he may finally make an onscreen appearance.

Oliver’s singing skills only strengthen the theory. As Thrones fans will probably remember, Rhaegar was a singer, not a fighter. Barristan Selmy said so. Of course, Oliver could be screwing with everyone, which would be a little bit mean and quite delightful.

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