Grimm: “Bad Moon Rising” (Episode 2.03)

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Grimm: “Bad Moon Rising” (Episode 2.03)

This week’s episode erased any lingering suspicions that Hank is more of a token minority on the show than a full-fledged character. With Nick’s life as a Grimm kept hidden from him, Hank’s role was previously reduced to buddy-cop scenes in Season 1. Now, however, Hank has proven to be both a tender-hearted friend and a solid Wesen fighter.

The audience has viewed Hank as the dependable detective and best friend of Nick since the series premiere, but his character, though charming, was boringly static. In a show centered on parahuman creatures, Hank got the short end of the stick as a human who didn’t even know these creatures existed. Several accidental sightings of various Wesen led Hank to experience full-blown paranoia, which had him shooting at shadows and attacking a therapist out of fear. But it ultimately took a case this week involving one of Hank’s old friends to bring Hank’s crises of sanity to a climax.

Face-to-face with a Coyotl pack (think red-neck coyote people), Hank chose to believe in what he was seeing and successfully fought them off. And when the baddies were in custody, Nick finally explained his heritage as a Grimm to Hank. Nick was afraid that Hank was overwhelmed and angry over what had happened, to which Hank replied, “Today’s been one of the better days of my life. I might be crazy, but now I know I’m not alone.”

It was at that moment that I finally understood why Hank needed to be in this show.

As excited as I was for Hank to finally interact with Nick in the Wesen world, the episode did leave me unsatisfied. Monroe, our only comedic escape in an increasingly dark show, barely made an appearance this week (as well as in the past two episodes of this season). And Rosalee, who became a series regular this year, failed to make an appearance at all. Promos for next week hint that the episode will revolve around these two characters, but the show is going to need their presence more often to keep Grimm from spiraling into the horror genre.

Best Monroe Quote of the Night: “The ritual happens during the full moon… That’s not a good night for me. I’m staying in.”

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