Grimm: “Revelation” (Episode 3.13)

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Grimm: “Revelation” (Episode 3.13)

Last night’s Grimm picked up right where we left off a few weeks back, with Monroe’s parents preparing to attack Nick upon realizing that he is a Grimm. This, just a few minutes after verbally attacking Rosalee and informing Monroe that it was completely unnatural for him to marry a Fuchsbau. After a brief but violent exchange, Monroe’s parents leave his house in a huff, mortified by their son’s choice of company. All of the drama leaves Monroe in a bad way, and he lashes out at Nick. We’ve all been there—your friend only calls you when he needs your advice about murderous, mythological creatures, and one day you have to call him on it. In fact, much of the episode consisted of Monroe calling everyone on everything. If you weren’t already in love with this Blutbad, “Revelation” proved that Monroe’s loyalty knows no bounds. At the risk of completely destroying his relationship with his parents, he defends both Rosalee and Nick, and dares his parents to judge him for it.

This episode found Nick trying to track down these creepy scalper guys who are still on the prowl. When a park ranger is gruesomely murdered, ripped apart and—of course—scalped, it becomes clear that there’s more than one killer, and that they’re not letting up anytime soon. After Nick and Monroe make nice, Monroe explains that the creatures they’re looking for are something of a legend, and for all of the wrong reasons. They get their strength from the hair of warriors (or, guys in uniform) and nobody knows how to destroy them.

Meanwhile, Adalind’s troubles overseas start getting worse, and Captain Renard comes to her rescue. He’s right on time too because the ever-terrifying Viktor was just about to swoop in and snatch her from her hotel room. Everyone knows the baby is coming soon, and everyone is freaking out.

The freak-outs back in Portland also keep on keepin’ on, as Monroe’s parents find themselves divided on the issue of how to handle their relationship with their son. Bart (Papa Monroe) is ready to leave town and go back home, but Mama knows best and decides to stay and pay Rosalee a visit. After a very Grimm-like moment of reconciliation, we get the sense that things will probably be okay, although Bart has yet to be convinced. He shows up at Monroe’s house just as Nick is arriving (of course) and starts flipping out (again) when he learns that they’re preparing to take on the Wildesheer. He warns them that the scalpers are impossible to kill, but a little research in the trailer tells them that the only way to destroy these guys is to beat them at their own game. When a group of the scalpers show up to take Nick and Monroe (but mainly Nick) out, they end up in a fight that they only win because Monroe’s Dad shows up. With his help, they fend off the Wildesheer long enough so that Nick can tear off their hair, which kills them. It’s all very Samson and Delilah (if Samson was a mythical beast who occasionally scalped people).

The evolution of Bart (played by Chris Mulkey) has been truly interesting to witness. In the last two episodes, he’s been completely intolerant, but by the end of “Revelation” he’s doing the unthinkable and fighting at the side of a Grimm. He explains to Monroe that, perhaps, he needed his own experience with Nick to understand their relationship. But this moment of understanding also comes with some bad news—according to his own father’s teachings, Bart says that the coming of the Wildesheer (who were bad enough) is actually a signifier of something much worse. Cut to Adelind going into labor, and we have every reason to be afraid.

Favorite Quote of the Episode: “No, you do not want to take this outside. Because he’ll kill you.” (Monroe)

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