Grimm: “The Wild Hunt” (Episode 3.12)

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Grimm: “The Wild Hunt” (Episode 3.12)

So many horrors made up this week’s episode of Grimm. The horror of a serial scalper, the horror of meeting your fiancé’s parents for the first time, and the incomparable, inexplicable horrors of pregnancy. “The Wild Hunt” opens with a high-speed car chase, and the scenes alternate between the flashing lights of a police car in hot pursuit of someone (or something), and the fancy-schmancy dinner scene between Monroe & Rosalee. We get the sense that something big is about to happen on both fronts.

Sure enough, Monroe pops the big question—using one of his trusty cuckoo clocks as a prop for one seriously Monroe-esque proposal. And back on the highway, some very angry being is gruesomely scalping a police officer. It was quite an opening, and things only got more intense as the episode progressed.

Nick’s drama with his mama continues, although Juliette has gotten herself more deeply involved. In an attempt to help locate his mother (and avoid doing her taxes), Juliette begins e-mailing Mama Grimm and tracking her responses. Although Nick is grateful, he worries that Juliette’s involvement only works to place her closer to danger.

As Rosalee and Monroe begin discussing wedding plans, they find themselves faced with a few issues (naturally), such as what Monroe’s parents will think about Nick the Grimm being in attendance, and the fact that Rosalee hasn’t actually met her in-laws-to-be yet. After a super-awkward phone call to his mom and pop, Monroe’s folks decide to come up right away and meet Rosalee. Little do they know, Monroe’s perfect fiancée is no Blutbottin, and when they find out … well, let’s just say that ish hits the fan.

In the meantime, Nick and Hank find themselves looking for the serial scalper, who is specifically targeting men in uniform and plucking off officers and soldiers left and right. As they delve into some research, they discover a group of Wesen called Wildesheir (AKA Berzerkers), a group so “it rubs the lotion on its skin” it’s beyond scary. They need the hair of warriors (hence targeting tough guys in uniform), which they then sew together to make the kind of coat you would wear if you were into coats made out of other people’s hair. Nice!

Meanwhile, back in Austria, Adalind is experiencing the typical pregnancy stuff—she keeps feeling the movements of some strange being inside of her, everyone wants to know who the baby-daddy is, and old ladies keep giving her bizarre remedies to ease the pain. If you’ve ever had a baby, all this is pretty much standard, except for the part where some pretty scary guys (mainly Viktor … Viktor is very scary) call her in to question her and to determine if Sean or Eric is the father of the child. Adelind’s unborn baby is also slightly creepier than the typical babe in utero. (In fact, it looks pretty demonic, so this should get interesting.)

“The Wild Hunt” ends with an excellent scene that proves Grimm characters are just like you and me! Their parents show up 45 minutes early, insult their fiancées and friends, and act like complete monsters all in the name of familial love. But what was really interesting about that final scene with Monroe’s parents (who were mortified at Rosalee the Fuchsbau, and even more furious about Nick the Grimm) is that the writers of the show are continuing to draw parallels between the various Wesen factions and racial differences in our own world. The language used by Monroe’s father (Chris Mulkey) about Rosalee was like that of a prototypical, old-school racist faced with the reality of an interracial relationship, and furious that his child is “breaking the natural order” of things. That Grimm finds a way to tackle such issues in its own bizarre, supernatural story lines is impressive.

Favorite Quote of the Episode: She cooks? Thank God. (Papa Monroe)

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