Homeland: “Q & A” (Episode 2.05)

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Homeland: “Q & A” (Episode 2.05)

The episode “Q & A” is sure to separate viewers into one of two categories: Those who believe Brody is now helping the CIA, and those who do not.

We cannot deny that since Brody has returned home, he’s been forced into the public eye. After being prisoner for eight years, it seems only logical that his country would want to make sure he’s psychologically stable—especially before they send him home with his family. Instead, the government capitalizes on a feel-good story and uses him as a military poster-boy to promote patriotism. Not only is this topic complicated, it’s also relevant to soldiers today.

All through last season we tried to figure out how deeply Brody was changed, and each week we came to a different conclusion on whether or not he was a terrorist. We were wrong the entire time though, and it was because we were framing the situation incorrectly. His new enemy wasn’t his country; it was the Vice President. Why? Well, it’s because the V.P. is a war criminal, and Brody felt the wrath of his heartless decision-making. Which bring us to an important question: do you feel any closer now to truly understanding Brody’s motivations?

At the start of this episode, Brody is cuffed and placed into an interrogation room. He quickly realizes that he’s completely off the grid and demands a lawyer. Peter Quinn takes the bad cop approach, which opens up the door for Carrie to experiment as the good cop. When Carrie starts probing Brody for information about Abu Nazir, I couldn’t help but think: can three days of interrogation really erase numerous years of torture? Doesn’t that seem too easy? Wouldn’t there be a protocol in place for situations where Brody is pressed to reveal the identity of those who turned him? But we need to emphasize the other side to that coin: did anyone even attempt to open Brody up and tap into his emotional well-being when he arrived home from the Middle East? Seems like a disservice to Brody as a human and as a soldier. Perhaps three days is all it takes when your mind has been broken apart and pieced back together like a Jihadist Frankenstein.

One last thing we don’t see clearly is whether or not Carrie is over Brody. She tells Saul that it’s different this time, but is it? Can it be that easy? She was highly emotional when talking to Brody, but this could all be a show.

Homeland makes us think deeply into each character and how complicated their motivations can be. Isn’t that what a good show is supposed to do: make you think?

A few other items:
-Dana and her boyfriend had a little too much on their joyride. The hit-and-run victim will certainly come up next week.

-The Marine storyline is a painful distraction at this point.

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