Infographic: The Faces of Walter White in “Ozymandias”

TV Features Infographic

Here at Paste, we’ve always admired Bryan Cranston’s acting chops. Somehow, though, it’s never felt quite specific enough to merely call him a “great actor.” Exactly how is he great? From the toes to the neck, of course, he’s perfectly adequate. You’d take him any day of the week and be happy. But the face—that glorious, expressive face—is where Cranston truly shines.

To honor his unique talents, we’ve created “Faces of Walt,” a graphic recap of Cranston’s best grimaces, snarls and cries from Sunday’s episode. His talent is so prodigious and prolific that we were able to make the graphic using only the first 10 minutes, starting with the flashback and culminating with Hank’s death. Please enjoy, but for God’s sake treat it with the respect you reserve for high art. This is, after all, an exhibit of the greatest facial actor of our times.

We now present The Faces of Walt: “Ozymandias”.


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