Annie Murphy Seeks Vengeance in AMC’s Dark Comedy Kevin Can F**k Himself Trailer

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Annie Murphy Seeks Vengeance in AMC’s Dark Comedy Kevin Can F**k Himself Trailer

“I’m going to kill Kevin,” Schitt’s Creek star Annie Murphy promises in the trailer for Kevin Can F—k Himself.

The new dark comedy series from AMC flips sitcom formulas on its head, revealing the oft-ignored wife’s perspective. Murphy stars as Allison McRoberts, a prototypical sitcom housewife who finds herself at the butt of her husband’s incessant immaturity. Kevin Can F—k Himself plays with the Hot Wife/Schlubby Husband trope and shows us what happens when wives find a bit of autonomy and decide to act out.

According to a press release, Kevin Can F—k Himself explores the possibility of “what happens when we follow Allison out of her husband’s domain. When she finally wakes up to—and revolts against—the injustices in her life? Kevin Can F—K Himself breaks television convention and blends multi-camera comedy with single-camera realism to make us ask: “who and what have we been laughing at all of these years?”

With a new trailer giving us a preview of the genre-melding that Kevin Can F—k Himself promises—including shots of bloody violence, the familiar canned laughter of sitcom studio audiences and women teaming up against the men that treat them poorly—we can’t wait to check out the new series.

The first two episodes of Kevin Can F—k Himself premiere on AMC+ on June 13, and on AMC on June 20. Subsequent episodes will be released weekly on each platform.

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