A MacGyver Reboot is Coming to CBS

TV News MacGyver
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Before we begin, I want to note that domestic terrorists stole my computer and smashed my modem to pieces just moments ago, so I’m writing this post on an improvised PC made of duct tape, an old boot, apple juice, and a lens from a pair of glasses that broke six years ago.

Let’s get to the news: MacGyver is coming back! CBS will reprise the classic series, beloved of DYIers and Marge Simpson sisters everywhere. The new version will actually go back in time, ten years before the MacGyver we know and love, to take a look at how the secret agent developed his crazy improvisational skills. The men responsible for the reboot include James Wan (director of Furious 70, executive producer Henry Winkler, and writer Paul Downs Colaizzo. No word yet on who will play young MacGyver, or whether Richard Dean Anderson is involved in any capacity. More to come.

Okay…now it’s time to pour the apple juice into the boot through my duct tape funnel, reflect the sunlight just so with the lens, and hope this sucker posts…