Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: “Devils You Know”

(Episode 3.04)

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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: “Devils You Know”

Hunter is an impulsive bastard who respects no one’s love but his own. Seriously, did I ever say any nice things about Hunter? If I did, I’m taking them all back. He and his Adidas track jacket can just go hang out at some other secret agency, because if it weren’t for Bobbi, I’d be requesting a much harsher punishment for his whole cowboy act. I mean, come on Hunter. Come on!

Is Hunter’s man pain more important than the now-deceased inhuman couple? I’m dubbing them Floaty and Lava Girl, because, 1.) I like nick names and 2.) because I like references to somewhat forgotten Robert Rodriguez films. We don’t spend long with them, but let this be a lesson to any other inhumans out there: when living a secretly dangerous double life, be more suspicious of weird e-mails. Just a thought for the future.

What about Hunter’s quest for revenge? Is it more important than Bobbi’s mounting rehab frustration? Or Mac’s great white shark theory? Or Daisy’s apparent lack of Jaws references? Is it more important than the ATCU holding all the cards in their relationship with our much beloved agents?

It’s certainly not as important as Daisy’s discovery that Lash can transform into a more human-looking form. It’s not as important as me having to give up calling him Blanka, because now that I’ve gotten a good look at him, Lash actually reads more like Sonic the Hedgehog on a steroid binge.

It’s not as important as Jemma’s desperation to get back to planet X or Fitz’s frustration with her lack of communication. Still Jemma, maybe don’t leave your super secret three-ring binder laying around a public lab if you don’t want Fitz poking into it. Remember, this is the guy you partnered with to develop the revolutionary organizational system of “B for blue, B for biological.” He’s nothing if not tenacious.

And even if all this isn’t enough reason for Hunter to take a breath and rethink running into an unarmed face-to-face meeting with Ward, there’s always May. May who stands by you through the “let’s infiltrate Hydra by being beat on by a giant” plan. May who agrees to be your back up, but wisely seeks help when you’re in over your head. May, who really needs to work on her relationship communication skills.

Just to be clear, I’m not mad at Hunter for arguing that Ward can’t be allowed to escape. I’m not mad at May for failing to offer a cliché plea for Andrew’s life. I’m not even mad at the most ridiculously chicken storeowner ever, who abandons Andrew to the obvious Hydra goons. What I can be mad about is Hunter’s lack of planning, his impulsive need to find the first fix to protect Bobbi, and for not considering the consequences for just one more second before brushing off Ward’s hit men. It’s easier than being mad at Andrew for not escaping or at Coulson for not saving him. So, yeah, this is totally Hunter’s fault.

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