Watch the Narcos Season Three Teaser

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Watch the Narcos Season Three Teaser

This may be a spoiler for those of you not fully caught up yet, (although if you’re here to watch the season three teaser, it’s kind of your fault, anyway) but Pablo Escobar’s death at the end of Narcos season two didn’t magically end the Columbian drug trade.

In fact, it only allowed for new drug lords to come in and create an even larger cartel. It definitely points to the inherent futility found in try to eliminate the drug trade. Every time it seems the team kills or jails an important figure, somebody steps up to carry the mantle. As the new trailer notes, “Cocaine cartels are about succession.”

While there isn’t a ton of footage or information on the new season yet, the teaser promises an exciting, explosive return to the world of cocaine and intense firefights.

Check out the full teaser above in preparation for the show’s return to Netflix on Sept. 1.

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