Outlander Rips Our Hearts Out Again in “All Debts Paid”

(Episode 3.03)

TV Video Outlander

I guess Outlander just has to rip our hearts out over and over again, and yet the hope that true love always wins keeps us watching.

The family dynamic in Boston seems OK for Brianna, even if Claire and Frank’s relationship isn’t the best. They are still trying to give her a loving home.

Jamie is in prison and has a friend in Murtaugh. Rats are everywhere and it’s just vile conditions, but Lord John Grey calls on Jamie to be the intermediary between himself and his prison ward.

Back in the 1950s, Claire has graduated from medical school and is having a big party when Frank really wants them to leave and they don’t.

Of course, the reason is that his sidepiece has a date at his house, and while Claire and Frank have agreed that he could have affairs, she probably didn’t mean that he should have an affair on an important occasion. She tells him to just divorce her, but he won’t, because he doesn’t want to lose Brianna. So they stay the course.

Jamie is making nice at the prison and in helping out is called to translate for a roaming man. The man brings up the white witch and tells him that she will come back to him. Jamie also convinces Lord Grey that he should let the prisoners set snares so they can catch their own food. He agrees and Jamie escapes, and then chooses to be captured so that Lord Grey will kill him. Even after the man told him that Claire would come back, Jamie still feels hopeless. But Grey won’t do it.

The two becomes friends of a sort. As much as a jailer and prisoner can, at least. The two discuss their past loves, and Jamie finally tells him the truth that Claire was his wife and he wasn’t really going to harm her. But he respected that Lord Grey would give up his life for a woman.

Grey has a poignant moment when he says, “Some people you grieve over forever.”

Which is what every person in this love triangle has done. Frank for Claire, Claire for Jamie and Jamie for Claire: Everybody wants someone they can’t have.

Frank finally reaches his breaking point, and when Brianna graduates high school, he wants to take her to England for college.

He also wants a divorce.

Claire is stunned. She doesn’t want him to go and take Bree, and reminds him that she isn’t really his. But he reminds her that he has been the primary parent.

None of it matters, though, because Frank dies in a car accident.

It’s obvious that Claire cares and loved him, and she tells him so.

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