Outlander: It’s a Fraser Family Reunion in “The Birds and the Bees”

(Episode 4.09)

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Outlander: It’s a Fraser Family Reunion in “The Birds and the Bees”

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What happens after unprotected sex?

Exactly what your teacher at school told you would happen.

Lizzie sees Bree, who is broken and bruised from her rape at the hands of Stephen Bonnet. But the only person Lizzie saw her with was Roger, so she thinks he’s the one who hurt her mistress.

When Bree wakes up the next morning, she goes in search of Roger. She knows she made a huge mistake, but he’s gone. Not that he wanted to be gone: Bonnet forced him to get on the boat for Philadelphia.

Roger leaves a message for Bree, but she‘s distraught, and runs to find the boat gone from the harbor. Luckily, Lizzie brings her some good news to soften the blow: She has found her dad. (Though the scene starts with Jamie peeing on the wall, thinking that Bree is propositioning him.)

This is where the ages of the four main characters—Jamie, Claire, Roger and Bree—becomes a bit of an issue for me. Not major, but seriously, the only one that looks a bit older is Claire. The grey hair works! Jamie looks like he could be dating Bree, and Roger and Jamie look the same age… It’s one of those things that you have to mentally adjust to.

Jamie, Claire, and Bree have a family reunion, and it’s as wonderful as you would hope. The look of shock on Claire’s face is perfect.

This is now a family of three, as they were meant to be from the beginning—but while Jamie is Bree’s father, Frank is the father she knows, and it adds tension to the house. She loves Frank, but she wants to know Jamie. They go through the motions of normal pioneer life and Jamie feels the strain of their relationship. He wants it to be good, but he’s afraid she’ll leave for her own time.

Eventually, they go hunting together for bees and bring them home. And they never get stung!

Ian is also in town, and on a boat ride with Bree he tells her about the horrible night with Stephen Bonnet. Bree then knows that Stephen is the same one that raped her.

When Bree has a moment alone with her mom, the story of her night with Roger and her rape come out—and it’s true, she’s pregnant, and probably with Stephen Bonnet’s baby. (Roger used the withdrawal method, so while it’s possible the child is his, it’s not as likely.)

She does not mention Bonnet’s name to Claire, because she doesn’t want her to feel any connection to it, but secrets can’t be kept for long, and when Claire is doing Bree’s laundry she finds her wedding ring.

Doing the laundry is a mom’s best trick!

She confronts Bree and the rest of the story comes out.

Out in the woods, Lizzie and Ian see Roger using a compass, obviously trying to find Bree. But remember, Lizzie thinks he’s the rapist, so Ian runs back and tells Jamie, who goes after Roger. He asks no questions and beats the living daylights out of him, before Ian takes Roger away, his face unrecognizable, upside down on a horse.

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