Outlander Thwarts Another Happy Ending in “Wilmington”

(Episode 4.08)

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Outlander Thwarts Another Happy Ending in “Wilmington”

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For a hot minute, everything was fine!

I’m telling you, if my life was this chaotic I would lock myself in the nearest woodshed and not come out.

Jamie and Claire are in Wilmington visiting Fergus, Marsali, and the baby because they must attend a theater experience with Governor Tryon. (Fun fact: Tryon is a lovely town in North Carolina famous for equestrian events.)

Anyway, they are there, and so are Roger and Bree. Roger is roaming the streets looking for her, with the picture he had drawn at the fair. That worked out—imagine if he had brought a photograph. They would have burned him! He finds her and she runs into his arms and then they find a solitary place to make out… and more.

They are about to get it on when Bree stops him and asks if he’s changed his mind about marriage. He says he has, but then she says she’s changed her mind, too, and she wants to marry him, so they do a traditional Scottish handfasting.

Awwww, it’s so sweet!

Then there is a very long sex scene. Can I say… too long?

In Wilmington, Jamie and Claire are attending the theater with who else but George and Martha Washington. Claire explains why he’s important, but Jamie doesn’t really care because he finds out that Murtaugh is about to get into big trouble with the redcoats. Specifically, hanged.

In order to help his friend, Jamie hits the guy sitting next to him, who happens to have a hernia—forcing Claire to do surgery while he slips out, catches a ride in Washington’s carriage, and gets Fergus to warn Murtaugh, just in the nick of time.

Murtaugh wonders why his godson didn’t come himself, but he’s thankful all the same that his head and neck are safe for now.

While Jamie’s gone, Claire puts on a better show for the people than the actual play: She does surgery. (At first I was like, “Who would want to watch this?” Then it occured to me that people love medical dramas, so why not watch it in real time?)

Claire saves the man and Jamie gets back before people notice.

Everything is fine for them, but not for Bree and Roger. He confesses to Bree that he knew her parents were going to die, but he didn’t tell her.

Now, after they’ve already gotten married and consummated their union, she tells him to go.

I’ve been married for 17 years, and I’m telling you… if you want to stay married, you can’t break up over something like that.

Break up they do, and Bree finds herself in a bar with Stephen Bonnet. She notices her mother’s ring and asks to pay for it. But he doesn’t want money. Instead, he rapes her, which thankfully director Jennifer Getzinger chooses not to show us—though we do hear it. It’s awful.

It’s interesting to me that they have showed near rapes, and what happened to Jamie with Black Jack, but during this scene they show the bar patrons just sitting there while Bree screams for help. Bonnet comments on her lack of virginity, and insists she take the ring, and walks away. That’s it—roll credits.

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