Watch: Outlander‘s Latest Episode Put Jamie and Claire in an Unenviable Position

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Watch: Outlander‘s Latest Episode Put Jamie and Claire in an Unenviable Position

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Keri Lumm reviews “Free Will” for Paste—you can watch the video above or read the transcript below:

We all have free will. Everybody gets to make their own choices, but nobody gets to choose their consequences.

And boy, are there some disgusting consequences this week!

Claire has also decided to make penicillin, or at least try. She is messing with history, but this is one of those times where having penicillin years early wouldn’t really be a bad thing.

She is trying to get just the right mold, and is teaching Marsali all about it, which is great because Claire is about to head out of town.

Claire also decided to go back through the stones to be with Jamie, so when he shares with her his plans to head out on the road to build his militia with Roger, Claire wants to stay with him. Jamie is worried, but accepts her choice.

They leave Bree at home with the baby, Marsali, and Fergus.

On the road Claire finds out about Stephen Bonnet still being alive and is glad that Bree doesn’t know. Of course … SHE DOES.

So Claire is once again on the road with Jamie and a bunch of men, just like when she was in Scotland with him. (I miss Scotland!)

Then there is a thief caught.

It is Josiah, but not Josiah because he has no clothes on but a shirt. Claire can tell it’s a problem—mother’s intuition or doctor intuition—she knows. And it turns out that it’s not Josiah at all, it’s his brother. The twins were indentured servants, and he had escaped, but his brother was still trapped. His brother is deaf.

Jamie decides to be the hero, leave the group, and go get the papers to free the brothers, and Claire goes with him.

I can excuse Jamie for this because he has never seen a horror movie, but Claire knew better! Never go into the woods and into a creepy cabin with roaming cats. You are just asking for trouble!

And to be fair she tries to get him to give up after the lady answers the door, but he won’t give up.

Also, the goats.

But then there’s the smell and the mostly dead stroke victim, Mr. Beardsley. I have never considered what would happen to an incapacitated person without a hospital, but this lady did not let him die.

She kept him suffering.

And then his wife has a baby, a black baby, so it wasn’t really his.

She was his fifth wife.

Jamie and Claire stay overnight to help her with the baby, as Claire won’t leave a dying man. The mom then runs off, and now Jamie and Claire have an orphan and Mr. Beardsley. Jamie has to decide what to do with him, and ultimately, he goes against his Catholic faith and euthanizes the man.

He asks the guy if he wants to ask God for forgiveness, and he does not. Jamie then has some stress about his own father’s apoplexy, and whether he suffered like this man, and he makes Claire promise to help him die if he has the same ailment.


Outlander airs Sunday nights on Starz.

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