Watch: Claire Accidentally Ignites a Female Revolution in Last Night’s Outlander

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Watch: Claire Accidentally Ignites a Female Revolution in Last Night’s Outlander

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Keri Lumm reviews “The Company We Keep” for Paste—you can watch the video above or read the transcript below:

A newborn complicates everything, especially when your local grocery store doesn’t have formula for a foster mother!

And a pregnancy for a different unwed mother is also fairly problematic in colonial times!

In Outlander’s fourth episode of Season 5, “The Company We Keep,” Roger and Fergus are on their route when they get shot at because one of their own, Isaiah Morton.

The father of a girl who says she loves Isaiah wants him dead, because his daughter is “ruined” from their time together—although, he doesn’t know that she is actually pregnant. But Roger doesn’t want to give up Morton, so he starts planning.

Meanwhile, back at Fraser’s Ridge, Bree gets a cryptic message in Jemmy’s baby basket. He has a coin under his blankets that was given to him by an Irish man who asked the nanny if the boy looked like his mother or father.

And Bree knows it’s Bonnet, which puts her on edge. After all, Roger is gone. Even if she is the better shot, it would still be nice to have spousal support!

Claire and Jamie have finally found the group and are looking for someone who can be a wet nurse to the baby left with them after the horrific events of “Free Will.” And with two unwanted pregnancies, it seems apt that Claire’s contraception advice is published in the local paper.

Fergus accidentally took the note to the printer on a different errand for Jamie. Whoops! But, well, Claire wants progress! They could burn their bras if those had been invented!

Bree is still on edge at home, and when she sits down for a minute and loses track of Jemmy she FREAKS out. Little kids do this. I think they secretly enjoy wandering off and making their moms panic.

Luckily, Marsali is there and helps her calm down after the baby is found happily playing somewhere else. And while calming her down, Marsali also tells the traumatic story of how she killed her abusive father …

That’s some comforting girl talk …?!

Meanwhile, Jamie gets a touch of baby fever, and asks Claire if she wants to keep the little girl so they can raise it together, but Claire is not inclined. They found nice parents for her, and it feels like that should be that.

Claire also decides that the twins need a tonsillectomy and for that she needs penicillin, so she is going to leave Jamie on the trail, and Jamie sends Roger with her. Of course, Roger is offended because he thinks Jamie doesn’t respect him, but Claire speaks some truth: that Roger is being entrusted with the thing Jamie loves the most.

And he will get to go home to the people he loves the most! But … not before Claire and Jamie hear a gunshot and find the pregnant girl trying to kill herself. She wants to be with Morton and he wants to be with her, but he is married and estranged from someone else.

It’s like Frank and Claire and Jamie ….

In the end, Jamie stages an escape for the lovebirds, using horses and a goat.

Outlander airs Sunday nights on Starz.

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