Physical Trailer: Apple TV+’s New Series Promises ’80s Glam

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Physical Trailer: Apple TV+’s New Series Promises ’80s Glam

Rose Byrne. Big hair. ‘80s pop. Can we ask for anything else?

In the new 10-episode Apple TV+ series, Physical, Rose Byrne stars as Sheila, a bored but dutiful housewife who struggles with feeling aimless and unfulfilled in her life. Her husband (Rory Scovel) has big dreams of politics, which are prioritized over her desires. The couple is struggling to make ends meet when Sheila discovers a bright and shiny new space for her to thrive: Aerobics.

Neon lights and synth music fill the world of Physical. We first meet Sheila as a mantra-repeating mother, trying desperately to will a good day into existence. But as the trailer shows her ascent into entrepreneurship and dance-domination, we see Byrne shine as a woman learning to get her groove back. For those of us still mourning the ill-timed loss of GLOW, Byrne’s teased-up curls and athletic determination are an exciting premise.

Physical comes from creator Annie Weisman, who has a background in producing shows like Desperate Housewives and Suburgatory. The series will feature episodes directed by I, Tonya filmmaker Craig Gillespie, Stephanie Laing (Made for Love) and newcomer Liza Johnson.

The first three episodes of Physical premiere on Apple TV+ on June 18, followed by new episodes released weekly.

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