On Poldark Episode Two, Happiness Isn’t for Everyone

(Episode 2.02)

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For the record, if Poldark and handsome decides to want Elizabeth again, I’m not sure he can still be my imaginary crush anymore.

Things just feel a little lighter this time, expect for of course Ross’s impending financial doom, but he still has Demelza, so that’s what’s important! Of course, he kind of forgets this though and keeps his financial struggles a secret for quite a while, until he drops the bombshell that he owes 400 pounds.

He also gets the news that there is a new man at the table for work, Mr. Coke, and he’s friends with George, so no good can come of this.

Captain McNeil comes to visit Ross and enjoys a glass of rum with Demelza, and he offers to help her and then Ross is a jerk to Demelza.

Meanwhile, his faithful servant Jud—who left him and then came to court to testify against him but changed his mind—gets beaten to death for taking money to speak against Poldark and then essentially getting Poldark out of jail free.

In better news, Francis’ brush with death has changed him and his relationship with Elizabeth and their son seems completely changed. They all seem happier. Even if there is still a twinge of sadness from Elizabeth, seeing Francis so happy has changed her for the better too.

It’s too bad Ross and Demelza can’t be that happy. Demelza is pregnant and he doesn’t want the baby. He’s ruined financially, and, yes—he finally drops that bomb for Demelza and they have to go to town and sell all of their stuff to make the 400 pound payment.

They try to make us think that Elizabeth and Francis and Ross and Demelza are all going to be one big happy family, but the fact of the matter is, it’s never going to happen. especially now that Ross is acknowledging his remaining feelings for Elizabeth.

And then there’s this: Jud isn’t dead. He’s walking around in his burial clothes, he was only mostly dead. The next time someone “dies” on this show, I’m not going to believe it, until I see the casket go into the ground.

“Oh Demelza, what man doesn’t look at another woman?”

A happy one. One in love. And certainly not a woman he was madly in love with and who was madly in love with him. He tells her he doesn’t want another baby, and then she tells him too late.

“A child is not a thought it is flesh and blood, and if you can risk your heart again, then so can I.”

Do we believe this? I don’t know. They told us Jud was dead and he wasn’t. My fingers are crossed that Ross and Demelza’s love is like Jud… only mostly dead.

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