Poldark‘s Latest Episode Ends on a High Note, So Brace Yourself for Drama

TV Video Poldark

Ross and Demelza are still having marital issues. Come on crazy Aunt, read some good things in your cards for them!

Ross is trying to break through the mine so he can make it financially, but while doing it, realizes that some of his employees are inexplicably sick. Of course the good doctor sees that it’s scurvy and goes about finding some fruit for them.

Demelza is at the end of her pregnancy, but is tired of being alone in the house and takes a boat out into the ocean alone. And Ross is less than pleased.

In this episode, George is even more upset; he’s lost his everlovin’ mind and when Elizabeth asks the Aunt about him she says, “Should I know how the devil’s mind works?”

Confirmed. George IS the devil.

Elizabeth and Francis are still doing fairly well and are onto George’s bad behavior, but they don’t want him to know that. So Elizabeth sets about teasing him with her friendship, just to keep him in the dark about how they feel about him.

Verity is having her own issues with her step-children and her brother, but Demelza is there with a listening ear. While her stepdaughter is a real pain in the rear, her stepson welcomes her with open arms and we feel that Verity is getting some of that happy ending she deserves.

Meanwhile, Ross is failing at his war legger mine and when an illegal deal comes along to make him some cash fast he decides to do it, and Demelza is so mad. Seriously, how could he put her in this situation again? Doesn’t he know she’s exhausted!!

He doesn’t care, and then he and Francis play a trick on George who tried to ruin their business. Ross sells his shares to George and he and Francis go into business together at his father’s mine.

Everything is looking up, and to make things even better, Demelza gave birth to a healthy baby. However, since everything seems great for now, the other shoe is probably going to drop.

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