Poldark Review: A Very Stressful Season Finale

(Episode 3.09)

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Another season of Poldark is over. I’d be more upset if they hadn’t already shared a teaser trailer for Season Three.

But before we look forward, let’s look at this season’s very stressful finale.

Elizabeth is dealing with her new marriage to George. He brings her home, messes up Aunt Agatha’s plans, then takes down Francis’ portrait. I guess Jeffrey Charles is supposed to forget his father. Although, with George for a stepfather, he might want to remember his real dad.

While Elizabeth copes with George, Demelza is not warming up to Ross’ crap, even when his crap comes in the form of gold coins.

She doesn’t want your money, Ross. She wants exclusive rights to your wedding tackle and we can’t blame her.

Dr. Enys wants to be married to Caroline, and even though her uncle kept them apart, he still treats him for the sugar disease. Imagine catching that when you don’t even have soft drinks or high fructose corn syrup!

The uncle is grateful, but he upsets Dr. Enys when he tells him that Caroline will soon be engaged. In fact, he gets so upset he wants to die, so he signs up for the military.

Of course, when George gets upset, he gets nasty, and upset is a mild description of his feelings when he finds out that Ross is in charge of Jeffrey Charles’ estate. The two get into a physical altercation—I guess their moms never taught them to use their words.

Ross comes home upset and wants to get some sympathy from Demelza, but that’s wishful thinking, and she tells him that she almost did the deed with Captain McNeil. And he can’t believe it!

What an idiot. He tells her, “I can’t admire you for this.”

Demelza leaves to see Verity in her confinement, and ends up delivering the baby!

And who knows, now we know that Elizabeth is pregnant. Maybe she could deliver Elizabeth’s baby and be there the minute her son’s half-sibling is born.

Ross has now decided to find out who his mysterious benefactor is, and when he finds out it’s Caroline, he goes to see her, since she’s come to town to care for her uncle, and finds out she’s not engaged and that Dr. Enys still loves her.

He brings Dr. Enys to a pub and Caroline walks in.

It’s so romantic, and then he gives her an engagement ring which is just a piece of leather, but it’s what every girl dreams of! And then she decides to sleep with him before he goes to war.

Very shocking.

It’s the last good deed before Ross goes to sign up for war, too.

Demelza, however, runs into Caroline and tells her to stick it. It’s fabulous, but as she walks back home, one of George’s guards shoots at her, and Prudie gets upset and tells everybody—even though Demelza told her not to worry about it.

The townspeople decide to storm Trenwith and hang George.

But Demelza runs to warn George and Elizabeth. She’s the only one left with a moral compass.

When things seem at their very worst, Ross comes to the rescue and in a face off with George, he takes Demelza home. Elizabeth just watches and deals with the fact that George is going to send Jeffrey Charles away to boarding school.

Ross and Demelza finally sort everything out. He didn’t actually sign up for war and he promises that Elizabeth will never come between them again.

Of course, if Elizabeth’s baby comes early, he might not be able to keep that promise.

And with that, we’ll have to wait until next year. At least we have our dreams of kissing Ross Poldark to keep us company.

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