The 10 Best Outfits on Netflix’s Selling Sunset Season 3

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The 10 Best Outfits on Netflix’s Selling Sunset Season 3

Nestled in Los Angeles lies The Oppenheim Group, a collection of realtors selling upscale multi-million dollar houses run by brothers Brett and Jason Oppenheim. In the footsteps of other real estate reality shows such as Million Dollar Listing and Property Brothers, Netflix’s Selling Sunset, now on the third season, combines high market showings with the cattiness of Real Housewives between the women in the office.

However, with the sales of these properties comes large commissions for the ladies and the need to be presentable for potential clients, leading to some of the best fashion moments across reality television as a whole.

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Here are the 10 best outfits featured on Selling Sunset and the details behind them.

10. Brett and Jason Oppenheim (3×01)

They are the brains behind the office and the business, so Brett and Jason did deserve a spot on this list. However, the brothers’ fashion choices, at least compared to their employees, do fall a little bland. They usually stick to basic single color shirts, glasses, and a nice watch.

9. Christine Quinn’s Green Machine (3×02)

Christine Quinn is arguably one of the most fashion-forward women on the show. She is a big fan of color combining throughout the show, especially in Season 3. However, the green, despite drawing praise in the office, appears in clashing shades and seems misplaced by the large chunky black glasses. As seen in other spots on this list, Quinn is incredibly great at monochromatic outfits – green just suits her the least.

8. Mary Fitzgerald’s Black Sheer Top and Earring Combo (3×01)

Showing up for Christine’s birthday party amidst drama between them, Mary still shines in one of her best outfits this season. Rocking a sheer striped black top, matching hoops, a red lip, and a wedding ring, Fitzgerald can conquer any comment in this.

7. Maya Vander’s Cobalt Blue Power Blazer (3×02)
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Maya decided to go bold, compared to her usual style, rocking a blue blazer and pink lip look. However, the beige top underneath still makes it feel true to her personality – giving the best of both fun experimentation and reserved simplicity.

6. Chrishell Stause’s Pink Dress with Tiny Belt (3×01)

Dressing up for a decoration meeting for a house, Stause’s outfit hits all the right notes. Seriously, everything matches perfectly – from the dress color complementing her nails and makeup to the belt blending with her purse. It pushes her comfort zone a little, but also isn’t as extravagant of an outfit as the show itself seems, especially since Stause is promoted by Netflix as the “main character.”

5. Heather Young’s Double-Breasted Red Suit (3×01)

Taking a note from her fellow co-worker Christine’s book, Heather rocks a red monochromatic suit that stuns upon arrival. The large gold button and simple tank top distract slightly from the beauty of her power suit, but overall it is one of Young’s best looks this season.

4. Amanza Smith’s Classy Take on Grease (3×04)

Imagine looking this good while at a meeting discussing water damage in a floor, which is exactly what Smith did. Her off-the-shoulder jumpsuit with a large black belt feels reminiscent of Sandy’s transformation in Grease, if she was in 2020 and lived in Los Angeles. The jewelry shades and purse aren’t mismatched either, making this one of my favorite looks on the show. It’s simple, it’s badass, but it’s also super stunning.

3. Christine’s Red Velvet Birthday Bash (3×01)

However, no one does fashion, let alone deep red monochrome, like the Libra queen Christine. The outfit choice for her birthday celebration suits her so well. All of the shades of red seem so balanced, which is what she was born to do best. Even the under-the-lid red eyeshadow adds a great pop that takes the outfit a step further.

2. Mary’s Punk Rock Inspo (3×07)

This outfit is impeccable. No, seriously. It’s something so simple-yet-edgy as a leather jacket. Mary manages to make the outfit her own by adding gold layered necklaces and spiked dangle earrings while eating chips and guacamole with the office. Not to mention the tiny pop of pink makeup to soften the look. No matter what you think about her, or any of the characters, you can’t help but admit that this outfit rules at any time of day or occasion.

1. Christine’s Custom Galia Lahav Vampiric Wedding Dress (3×08)

Never one to shy away from the dramatics of fashion in any setting, let alone her wedding, Christine flips the traditional wedding idea of “the bride wearing white,” instead opting for all her guests to don that color. She turns to a custom-made Galia Lahav black gown, complete with off-the-shoulder short floral sleeves and a long, almost-vampiric veil. Not to mention, she makes snow literally fall as she walks down the aisle. All the guests exclaim that it’s “too much,” but it really is a rule of thumb to never expect the least from Christine Quinn.

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